Where Have All the Textbooks Gone? Toward Sustainable Provision of Teaching and Learning Materials in Sub-Saharan Africa


Tony Read

Date Published

May 4, 2015



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Download Availabe at: https://gsdrc.org/document-library/where-have-all-the-textbooks-gone-towards-sustainable-provision-of-teaching-and-learning-materials-in-sub-saharan-africa/


This study was commissioned as part of the World Bank’s effort to support universal availability of textbooks in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). It examines the cost and financing barriers to universal textbook provision in the region, and is a compilation of the author’s rich and multifaceted experience, across several decades working in the education sector in Africa. It covers a wide range of education issues including curriculum development and review, teaching and learning materials (TLM) provision, literacy and numeracy, language of instruction policy, procurement systems, distribution challenges, print manufacturing,materials development and design, and TLM management and usage in schools. Recent issues raised by attempts to embed information and communications technology (ICT) and other educational technologies within national education systems are also covered, as is the growing recognition that improved TLM system management is a critical component in achieving affordable and sustainable TLM provision to all students.