Neal Kinsey’s Hands-On Agronomy: Neal Kinsey & Charles Walters


Neal Kinsey, Charles Walters

Date Published

September 1, 2018



Print ISBN

ISBN-10: 1-947172-54-9, ISBN-13: 978-1-947172-54-8

Digital ISBN

ISBN-10: 1601730403, ISBN-13: 978-1601730404

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The soil is much more than just a substrate that anchors crops in place. An ecologically balanced soil system is essential for maintaining nutritious, resilient crops. In Hands-On Agronomy, Neal Kinsey shows us how working with the soil to bring it into balance produces healthier crops with a higher yield. Meticulously revised and expanded, this new edition includes additional chapters and updated information to further enhance Kinsey's sophisticated, easy-to-live-with system of fertility management that focuses on balance, not merely quantity of fertility elements.