IET Wiring Regulations, Electric Wiring for Domestic Installers 16th Edition


Brian, scaddan

Date Published

March 14, 2019


Print ISBN

ISBN: 978-1-138-60604-3 (hbk), ISBN: 978-1-138-60602-9 (pbk)

Digital ISBN

ISBN: 978-0-429-46691-5 (ebk)

Download Availabe at:,%20Electric%20Wiring%20for%20Domestic%20Installers%2016th%20Edition%20by%20Brian%20Scaddan.pdf


This book is a guide to the practical aspects of domestic electric wiring. It seeks to address the areas of most concern to the qualified electrician, especially design and testing. It will also be a useful addition to the resources available for students working towards NVQs or City & Guilds and EAL qualifications. It is also a vital reference source for many other professionals and operatives whose work demands a knowledge of electrical installations, including electrical engineers, heating engineers, architects and maintenance staff. The contents will be of value to those intending to gain a Domestic Installer Scheme Qualification which relates to Part ‘P’ of the Building Regulations. It is not intended as a DIY manual, although some non-qualified persons may find certain topics useful before calling in qualified operatives. The contents of this new edition cover current professional best practice and are fully compliant with the 18th Edition IET Wiring Regulations.