A Handbook for Curriculum Development and Teacher Training:The Language Dimension in all Subjects


Jean-Claude, Beacco Mike Fleming, Francis Goullier, Eike Thürmann and Helmut Vollmer

Date Published

October 1, 2016



Print ISBN

ISBN 978-92-876-8232-6

Digital ISBN

Download Availabe at: https://www.coe.int/en/web/language-policy/a-handbook-for-curriculum-development-and-teacher-training.-the-language-dimension-in-all-subjects


Mastering the language of schooling is essential for learners to develop the skills necessary for school success and for critical thinking. It is fundamental for participation in democratic societies, and for social inclusion and cohesion.This handbook is a valuable resource for education authorities and practitioners in Council of Europe member states. It will help them to reflect on their policy and practice in language education, and support them in developing responses to the current challenges of education systems.